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Christmas at Wakomata Shores Resort

I think we can all agree that due to covid 19 Christmas this year will be different. Different doesn’t mean boring or bad. Have you thought of having Christmas sitting by a fire with your coffee or eggnog? Even an outdoor fire singing Christmas Carol’s? How about enjoying an outdoor hot tub while singing Christmas Carol’s? Or enjoying the safety and company of your family bubble? What about joining us at Wakomata Shores Resort. We have covid procedures that will keep you safe and social distancing while you enjoy making new Christmas memories. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 705 698 3249


Are you at the place in your life where you would like a change? Are you sick and tired of spinning our wheels and seemingly going nowhere in your chosen career? Are you looking to getting back to the important things in life. Things that have meaning and value? Like relationships and friendships, finding healing and peace in your life. Do you have some funds for investment purposes?

If so, than we may have a once in a lifetime business opportunity for you.

If you like people, believe in strong relationships, like the natural environment, have skills in food services, repairs and maintenance, sales and marketing or social media, you may be who we are looking for.

We are seeking business partners who would be willing to purchase shares and become owners in a year round, full service resort. Join us and live in a very scenic natural environment and work with us to bring our successful resort to the next level.

Contact us at [email protected] or contact us by phone at 705 698 3249. Please only serious inquiries.

Home Away From Home

Wakomata Shores Resort, your home away from home.  Summer activity from fly fishing, kayaking, swinging from your hammock, having a fish fry or riding on the pontoon boat enjoying the lake.  Let your imagination go to your personalized summer vacation at Wakomata Shores Resort.


6th Year Anniversary

Wakomata Then and Wakomata Now
So many changes and updates and experiences and met so many fantastic people near and far. Well today we celebrate 6 years at Wakomata Shores Resort. Loving the experience and lifestyle even with all the challenges. Thank you guests, family and friends for your support..

Winter Wonderland At Wakomata Shores Resort

The season is upon us! Wakomata Lake is frozen. Book in for your winter wonderland holiday and enjoy ice fishing, hiking, snowshoe, cross country skiing and whatever you enjoy during this winter season. Then snuggle in your cabin and relax by the fire and enjoy the warmth and peace of the season. For added comfort you can have your meals at our restaurant. Don’t miss out! Book now and call us at 705-698-3249 or email us at [email protected]